1 - Organic Matter

2 - Intactness and Integrity

3 - Natural Capital Valuation

Objective 1 - Soil Organic Matter, Carbon Stocks and Nutrient Cycling

Soil organic matter (SOM) affects the soil functioning and the ecosystem services that soil provides.

Land management affects the soil’s stocks of soil organic matter. The stocks of soil organic matter in New Zealand’s major soils are being determined, and the direction and rates of change in these stocks established. We are quantifying how land management influences the changes in soil organic matter and this will be used to predict future changes in our soil carbon stocks and their implications for soil functioning and future land-use options.

The soil functions of pH buffering, water and nutrient regulation, which are controlled by organic matter, are being quantified. This will lead to new understanding of the influence of land use and management practices on the regulation of soil organic matter levels, C stocks and nutrient cycling. This new knowledge will enable quantification of soil organic matter in the determination of a soil’s natural capital value.

Public Outputs

The following documents are available to download:

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Journal Paper  (527.13 KB PDF Document)
Uploaded: 14-Jan-2011
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Other  (3.23 MB PDF Document)
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Industry Magazine Article  (255.88 KB PDF Document)
Uploaded: 14-Jan-2011
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Published Conference Paper 
Uploaded: 18-Jan-2011
Schipper LA, Parfitt RL, Ross C, Baisden WT, Claydon JJ, Fraser S. 2010. Gains and losses in C and N stocks of New Zealand pasture soils depend on land use. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 139: 611-617.  (2009/10)
Journal Paper  (559.64 KB PDF Document)
Uploaded: 17-Feb-2011
Lambie S.M., Schipper L.A, Balks, M.R. and Baisden W.T. 2012. Solubilisation of soil carbon following treatment with cow urine under laboratory conditions. Soil Research 50: 50-57.  (2011/12)
Journal Paper 
Uploaded: 19-Jul-2012
Lambie S.M., Schipper L.A., Balks, M.R. and Baisden W.T. 2012. Carbon leaching from undisturbed soil cores treated with dairy cow urine. Soil Research 50(4): 320-327.  (2011/12)
Journal Paper 
Uploaded: 19-Jul-2012
Dodd, M.; Mackay, A. 2012. Effects of soil fertility and compaction on root standing mass and production. Poster presented at NZSSS conference 2012
Other  (328.75 KB PDF Document)
Uploaded: 25-Sep-2013